About the Project

Unlicensed spectrum is becoming increasingly scarce, especially those under 3 GHz. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s spectrum allocation chart shows that many frequency bands are being allocated to multiple incumbents, overlapping each other. While most frequency bands are licensed, studies suggest utilization rates are between 15% and 85%. Cognitive radio (CR) has been highlighted as a possible candidate in improving spectrum utilization by providing opportunistic spectrum access. A cognitive radio can be defined as a radio that is able to sense the spectral environment over a wide frequency, and exploit this information to opportunistically provide wireless links that best meet the user’s communication requirements.

This project aims to investigate various spectrum sensing techniques, as well as to provide a testbed for future CR research.

This website is a blog type site aimed to document the progress of the project through the year. The project is managed using Trac and all project related files are versioned using SVN. Currently all files are private, attempts will be made to make the SVN open to public nearer the end of the year

The project is carried out by James Y. Xu, under the supervision of Dr. Fakhrul Alam, at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand