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Hello everyone :D

This article is for the new visitors (and potentially returning ones). I have got a lot of emails/comments with questions, and I will try to address some of them here:

  1. A lot of information are distilled here:
  2. I am no longer working on CR. Since I went to graduate school here at UCLA my focus has been on Machine learning, classification and wireless health applications. Feel free to chat with me about those.
  3. Our paper is Xu, J.Y.; Alam, F.; , "Adaptive energy detection for cognitive radio: An experimental study," Computers and Information Technology, 2009. ICCIT ‘09. 12th International Conference on , vol., no., pp.547-551, 21-23 Dec. 2009
  4. Most of the important posts are collected here:
  5. CRLibs can be checked out via SVN through here:
  6. I do not have the source code for SCF in a releasable state. It was just a side track thing I did for a few days. I will see if I can find the code and release it, but no promises
  7. Most of the the work is done in LabVIEW in conjunction with the NI PXI-5660

Some times the notification on new comments do not work. So if I don’t reply to you please send me an email. Note that questions such as the follow will not be answered:

  • Hey v r also doin a proj in cyclostationary extrax=ction and would lik to hav your code..can u pll send t quickly…

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