A post dedicated to everyone in our little lab, building 80.

The end is coming, I think it’s time to introduce the people that were in this lab this year. We all worked on different projects, but hey we played the same games during breaks :P

I would also like to thank all of them, the reasons for thanking them is provided next to their pictures, as well as the project they are working on.

 Nick, for providing excellent friendly fire in time of dire need, especially when we have more health packs than we can carry.

His project is wireless sensor networks using XBee and related technologies.

 Hamid, for providing perfectly timed coughs and random noises that pulls the rest of us out of L4D and into the real world. Many more hours would have been sunk into shooting zombies and defeating terrorists instead of projects otherwise. He is also the perfect "man shield" in Swat 4 :P

His project is the self balancing robot, and he is the hardest working of all of us, staying sometimes until 1 in the morning! If every engineer all had his dedication, we would be living on Mars right now.


*Riichi* (Pic missing). Our zombie hunt leader, auto shotty front runner.

His project is related to something something darkside, and he has published conference papers. You can find them with the title something something evil


 James, I just tag along, shoot at whatever zombies are left over, and sometimes at team mates if needed.

My project is eh.. whatever is on this blog heh…

I think this whole post made the four us sound like professional game players or something. But in reality, many weekends were spent on projects, and seriously, having only yourself in the lab on a Sunday is rather crappy.. no one to goto lunch with either >.< It’s a good thing we have a bunch of dedicated people thats always around in the lab, 8:30am to 1am lol.

Thanks to everyone for the awesome year!


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